Beauty Crystal Ball - Facial Roller & Massager - Pink

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Beauty Crystal Ball - Facial Roller & Massager

This item is a ice ball facial massager. Ice ball stimulate blood circulation under skin to help rid of the harmful chemicals. Accelerate the absorption of essence. Relieve the fatigue caused by overstress. Contribute to repair and regeneration of skin cell and collagen.

Colour: Pink
Material: Glass
Size: About 18 x 4.5 x 4.5cm
2 x Facial Massage Globes

Makes skin blood vessel contract diastole rhythmically, improve skin blood seeking, promote skin harmful substances discharge, make it fully play. - Improve skin firmness and improve eye bags, forehead lines, canthus lines and mouth corners. - Soothing, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory, suitable for improving acne, discoloration, dizziness, headache, fever, heat stroke, burns, etc. - Relieve excessive skin tension and remove fatigue. 

Please Note: Do not put it in the frozen place of the refrigerator. This product can only be put in the place of the refrigerator where does not freeze. First put some water in a basin, and then put the massage ice ball in the water.