CBD - Natural Massage Oil - Pipette - 30ml

CBD - Natural Massage Oil - Pipette - 30ml

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Natural CBD Massage Oil 
30ml contains 19.98mg CBD 

CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is the cannabinoid in cannabis.
A CBD oil massage has all the benefits of a regular massage as well as the added benefits of CBD.
Client can infuse the CBD Natural Massage Oil with their own Essential Oil mixture

Why CBD:
Your skin is your biggest organ and any substance you put on your skin is absorbed.
1 x 30ml bottle contains the daily allowed amount of CBD 19.98mg

Direction of use:
Massage into skin with circular motion
For external use only.

- Reduce tension
- Boosts your mood
- Stimulates your senses
- Improves skin conditions
- Alleviates anxiety
- Assist in relieving chronic pain
- Relaxing effect on senses
- Restful sleep

Grape Seed Massage Oil
CBD Isolate @ 19.98mg per 30ml bottle.

Avoid eye contact or inhalation.
Avoid direct sunlight.
Store below 25°C. 
Keep out of reach of children.
For external use only.