Essential Oil - Flu Mix - 30ml

Essential Oil - Flu Mix - 30ml

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Essential Oil - Flue Mix

Specifically formulated
Mix of essential oils, specially formulated to keep colds and flu away. The mixture of essential oils were chosen for their preventative qualities. This unique mix can be used in the winter twice daily.

How to use:
- Massage oil: 20ml of a carrier Grape Seed Oil with 7 drops of Flu Mix Oil to use as a massage oil. 
- Evaporation method by adding 7 drops to hot water and inhaling the steam.

Eucalyptus: Nature’s first aid treatment for cuts, bruises, blisters and the treatment of sinusitis.
Peppermint: Assist with reducing skin redness where inflammation is present
Tea Tree: Helps the body’s ability to fight off infections while it also revive the mind and body after shock