Rechargeable Flexible Gooseneck Nail UV LED Light / Lamp - 18W

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Nail UV LED Light / Lamp - 18W
Flexible Gooseneck USB powered LED UV Nail Lamp 

Power: 18W
Neck Length: 16.5cm 
Voltage: 5V-2A

Package Included:
1x Lamp
1 x USB Cable


360 degree rotatable design: With 360 degree rotatable gooseneck hose design, this quick-drying LED nail lamp can be adjusted to any angle, allowing you to cure nails in any position, very flexible, suitable for nail art design Lovely Lotus shape: same as old Different from our nail curing lamp, this rotatable nail dryer comes with a novel lotus head, which is beautiful and good to collect the light source and illuminate the nails evenly. Provides sufficient light source, shortens curing time, does not hurt hands, can quickly dry all kinds of nail gels, especially nail extension gel 15S, very suitable for repairing damaged nails, flexible, time-saving, not dazzling, not black and hurt your hands

Charging: The light therapy manicure lamp can be used for 6 hours after 3 hours of charging, the USB interface is rich, it can be used with USB-enabled devices such as USB chargers, laptops, computers, power banks, etc. It is very convenient to charge anytime, anywhere Best DIY