Poly Gel Kit 4

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Poly Gel Kit 4


1 x 30ml Powder Gel (Pick your colour)
1 x 60ml Slip Solution
10 x Gold Nail Forms
120 x Re-usable Dual Form Tips
1 x Gel Brush
1 x Glass Cup
1 x Clip
1 x Primer Bonder **
1 x Base Coat **
1 x Top Coat **
1 x Nail Files
1 x UV LED light/lamp ***
1 x Electric Nail File/Drill

**Please note that Top, Base coat and bond can differ from whats on the picture. We will always try and give a non-wipe topcoat with the kit, but the band might be different due to stock availability. 

*** Please note that the UV LED light might differ from the picture. It either be 36w/45w/53w, Depending on stock availability.