Touch Art Pens - 36pcs

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Touch Art Pens - 36pcs

Dual Tip Permanent Art Markers - 36 Assortment Colours

- The fast pace of education in our present time engages our scholars, our children in an environment where they need the educational accessories that will make their lives less stressful and more empowered.

- Urban Art Crafty and Creative Dual Tip Permanent Art Markers brings a new dimension to their lives, enhancing their artistic capabilities to meet the ever-increasing scholastic demands.

- 36 Vibrant and High-Quality markers create beautiful artworks with their bold pigmented ink. The rich and vivid colours will stimulate your artistic creativity, whether you are a professional or just a beginner, this set will complete your artistic dreams. A perfect addition to enhance your artistic imaginations!

- A masterfully crafted set that is everyone’s fascination to have and it is an incredible value for money possession. The benefits and use are mind-blowing and beyond expectations. It is so versatile, you can use it on paper, wood, ceramics etc.

- Dual Tip, 0.7mm Fine Bullet & 6mm Broad Chisel
- Colour, 36 Brilliant and Vibrant Colours
- Carry Case Black Canvas Material
- Length 150mm

- The marker barrels are ergonomically designed with soft comfort grips, The colour coded caps have ridges to prevent the markers from rolling off.

- Multiple colour choices with the latest colour system, natural transition, natural colour overlap, outstanding effects, bright and vibrant colours, easy to blend and much more. Great as art markers, sketch markers, permanent markers, alcohol-based markers, paint markers.

- This set is brilliantly designed with the added advantage of being Dual Tip! The classy design of having one end with a thin tip and the other end with a broad tip all included in one pen for that precise highlighting, sketching, underlining etc. It is versatile, allowing you to comfortably draw those thin and thick lines and giving you complete satisfaction and excitement.

- The markers have colour coded caps for your convenience and easy colour identification and a bonus, it is equipped such that it is beautifully encased in a form-fitting smart black carry case perfect for storing and travelling. Is this not what we all want? All 36 pieces are in one bag and we can take it anywhere at any time. Life made simple!

- The markers are quick drying and blends seamlessly to achieve those perfect colouring effects that will add a dimension to set your designs and projects miles apart from any other because of your Urban Art Dual Tip Permanent Markers.

- The varying colour pallet provides the flexibility that makes you innovative to bring about that superior artistic edge to create your masterpieces.

- The markers are attractively designed, and their meticulous appearance gives you that professional look and creates an environment that allows you to work so efficiently to give you that unreal artistic feeling.

What's in the box
 36 X Different Colour Dual Tip Art Markers
 1 X Black Carry Case