Paraffin Therapy Wax Pot 1L

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Paraffin Therapy Bath Wax Pot Warmer

Paraffin treatment makes skin soft and smooth with its outstanding effect especially for dry and rough skin in winter.
It can soften the epidermis and tone wrinkle to make the facial skin lustrous.
Paraffin hands treatment: Paraffin can make the skin on the hand soft.
Paraffin feet treatment: Using paraffin mask after pedicure, Allows paraffin to treat the feet and it promote good blood circulation.
Provides thermal pain relief.
Paraffin wax smooths and softens skin.
You can now pamper, soothe and renew hands, feet, and elbows with aromatherapy paraffin wax and gentle heat.

Due to its simple operation and distinctive effect,wax beauty treatment id popular with the machine worldwide.
Unlike other skin treatment,your skin will get smooth and moisturized instantly when immersed in warm and equable wax.
It can improve the blood circulation of the feet and metabolism of the skin.
It can also eliminate the aging dead cells, improve the rough and dry skin,moisten and relax the skin,sedative and diminish inflammation.
Whitening. After use, the skin becomes naturally white, water tender.
Soften skin. Skin is no longer dry and hard.
After use, reducing wrinkles, skin becomes delicate.

Material: plastic
Capacity: 1L
Color: Orange
Size: 305 x 215 x 170mm

Package included:
1 x Paraffin Therapy Wax Heater with Cable
1 x Lid
1 x Plastic plate
1 x Manual