Water Decals - Custom Made Water Slide Decals for nails

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 Custom Made Water Decals for nails
Get custom made design on your nails. Perfect for a special event or a special occasion like Christmas, Easter, Halloween or sports event. 

*** Please give 1 to 3 working days lead time for printing***


1. 30 Nails on a sheet
2. Graphic design plus 30 Nails on a sheet. 

How it works:
Email of WhatsApp your images/photos or any designs that you would like on your nails. 
We print it for you and courier it. As simple as that. 
Designs can be repeated or designed as you need them. 

If you have your own designs/photos/pictures ready you can choose options 1 and email them.
If you need any alterations done to your designs/photos or any new graphics design done you will need to choose option 2. Email your design request.

How to use:
Best used on white nail polish or UV Nail Gel.
Cut out the design or the piece you would like to put on the nail.
Soak in water for 40 seconds or so.
Slide the thin film/design off the paper.
Put on the nail. 
Coat it with a clear uv topcoat or clear nail polish.