RefectoCil Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint

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RefectoCil Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint

Imparts rich, deep colour to eyebrows or eyelashes for a sophisticated look. Also works well for facial hair including beards and moustaches. Sufficient for approximately 50 applications.

A natural effect shade that gives lashes and brows an intense chromatic depth. Lashes appear in their full length and have visually more volume. Colour lasts approximately 6 weeks, depending on lifestyle, porosity of hair and maintenance regimens. Colour achieved within 5-10 minutes.

How to use:



The following illustrations show you at a glance which tints match each type of colouring and the colour results which can be achieved using the RefectoCil colours, depending on the natural hair colour.  The darker the natural hair is, the darker the result will be. The wide range of RefectoCil colours is made up of 8 different colours, enabling individual and professional colour results to be achieve

No. 1 pure black is an intensive, pure, luscious black, which is used for tinting the eyebrows of clients who have very dark, black hair. Deep black can be used on all clients who request a dramatic eye-catching look.

Nr. 1.1 graphite is a dark grey shade to discretely cover up grey/white hairs. It is particular effective on women with grey hair. Eyebrow tinting using graphite gives the face vital contouring. Graphite is also ideal for mixing with other RefectoCil colours. By mixing in graphite, the colour is made cooler and is therefore particulary recommended for colder colourings.

No. 2 blue black is a wonderful shade of black with a soft blue colour shimmer which gives the colour additional depth and shine. This shade is the most popular for eyelash tinting.

No. 2.1 deep blue is an intensive, dark blue tone, which is ideally suited for tinting the eyelashes of blondes with blue eyes.  The blue shade makes you look more seductive. Caution: deep blue is only effective on light shades of blonde to blonde lashes. No effect will be seen on very dark hair.

No. 3 natural brown is a very dark brown with good coverage that can be used in multiple ways. This shade is particularly suitable for clients with dark brown hair.

No. 3.1 light brown is a natural, soft brown that can be used in numerous ways. This shade is particularly suitable for clients with light brown hair. Clients who find it important to look natural also like light brown to be used for eyelash tinting. Suitable for mixing with other RefectoCil colours.

No. 4.1 red is ideally suited for tinting eyebrows and eyelashes of clients with red, coloured hair. On light to mid-blonde hair an intensive red is achieved. On dark brown hair, tinting produces a red shimmer.  Red is moreover ideal for mixing with other RefectoCil colours.  By mixing in some red, the colour becomes warmer and is thus particularly recommended for those with warm colourings.

No. 4 chestnut is a wonderful, warm brown shade with subtle red tones, which is ideally suited for clients whose hair is a warm red brown colour. Chestnut is moreover ideal for mixing with other RefectoCil colours. By mixing in some chestnut, the colour becomes warmer and is thus particularly recommended for those with warm colourings.

For those clients who would like a colour but their natural hair is too dark for it, RefectoCil has quite a simple solution. RefectoCil Blonde Brow, the lightening paste for eyebrows you can simply lighten the brows before tinting.


RefectoCil Blonde Brow, the bleaching paste for eyebrows, allows the professional to lighten up the eyebrows up to three shades. Please note that RefectoCil Blonde Brow can only be used with RefectoCil Oxidant 3% cream. Blonde Brow has 3 main applications:

Blonde Brow Effect

1. To lighten treated eyebrows
With RefectoCil Blonde Brow eyebrows can be matched to the shade of dyed or bleached hair. Please note, that the eyebrows can be slightly darker than hair to accentuate the eyes.

2. To prepare eyebrows before tinting
Often the natural eyebrow colour is too dark for the desired colour. With Blonde Brow eyebrows can be lightened up before the final tinting-treatment with any RefectoCil colour. This way, also lighter shades are made possible. Please note that the application time for the following tinting process is reduced to a third.

3. To make grey, white and bristly eyebrows take on colour again
These kinds of eyebrows are often not able to take on colour-pigments any more. By bleaching untreated hair with RefectoCil Blonde Brow tinting is made possible again.