Sterilizer Box - 1.5L

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Sterilizer Box - 1.5L

High Temperature Metal Tool Cleaning Box, 110V 300W 1.5L with Timer Manicure Pedicure SPA Salon Barber Equipment for Sundry Beauty Hair Nail Metal Tools with Handle

About this item

  • The temperature can be adjusted from 0°C to 220°C. The power will automatically turn off, when it reach the max temperature.
  • Feature a rapid-start heating element for fast operation without pressure, steam, or chemicals. Unlike wet heat methods, dry heat don't need routine cleaning. It is more convenient to use. The spacious box can also be used as a toolbox for storing items, such as haircut scissors or pedicure files, nail clippers.
  • The high temperature metal tool cleaning box is a great clean device for barbershops, salons, pet hospital and dental clinic. Such as the hair scissor and beauty tools like tweezers, which need quick clean in between uses. This metal tools cleaner device can eliminate hidden in crevices that cleaning wipes can't reach. With the metal tools cleaner box can effectively cleans your device quickly in 10 mins. Protect the health of your customers and family by keeping metal tools clean regularly.
  • You can adjust the temperature according to your need and also there is light indicator and English manual. Simple and convenient operation.

Product Description
- High temperature cleaning up to 220℃ (428℉) Max.
- Cleaning Temperature 125℃ 257℉.
- Automatic Timer control.
- Voltage:110V.
- Materials:Metal.
- Power:300W.
- Frequency:50-60HZ.
- Size:30*18*14cm.

1. Pls do not touch the machine when it working.
2. It is high temperature clean box, so metal tools need to be kept dry.
3. It is not suitable for plastic instruments, only for metal tools.
Package Included:

1* High temperature clean box
1* Power Cord
1* English Manual
2* Extra Fuse