UV Gel Nail Strips - FS-J01B-KS02 - 14 Tips

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UV Gel Nail Strips

Package includes:
14 nail strips
1 mini file
2 Pre-Application Nail Prep Pad (alcohol pad)
1 mini cuticle pusher stick

How to apply:
1. Prep Nail by making the surface of your nail rough with the file. Just slightly
2. Wipe clean with alcohol wipe
3. Select the correct size and apply the nail sicker on your nail. You can cut off before you cure or after its cure to the desired length. Don't let the strip touch your skin. 
4. Cure for 60sec with a 36w lamp or higher. Check to see if the strip has cured if not apply for longer under the UV lamp. 
5. File the access strip away so that it fits on the length of your tip or natural nail

Its best use over your own natural nail or tip. This is like a UV gel that covers the nail. It Does NOT create tips. Its n gel wrap. It does NOT harden. It is semi stiff but flexible.
Last a few days but can be soaked off in warm water or peeled of easily. 

Tip: You can apply UV topcoat or structure gel / hard gel on top to give it more protection or for reinforcing.